Health and Nutrition

The healthy growth and development of our children from infancy to adulthood is the most desirable situation for parents. Healthy nutrition is the basis for healthy growth and development. Healthy nutrition and school success progress in direct proportion. The healthier and the more conscious our children are in terms of nutrition, the more successful they will be in class.

It is necessary that the calories of the meals given at schools are balanced and have a healthy nutrition pattern. The planning of the meal menus at kindergartens and schools need to be made by a pediatric nutritionist. Our children spend a big portion of the day at schools. A balanced nutrition program needs to be prepared for the success, motivation and concentration of children.
Breakfast, lunch and snacks need to be prepared under proper conditions and must be served under adequate hygienic conditions.
Daily energy needs of our children vary according to each age group. Calorie needs of children at our Preschool are calculated according to their height and weight. The nutrition values of the menus are designed to meet the needs of our students from their daily meals taking into consideration the protein, carbohydrates and fat contents of each meal.
In addition, providing trainings and informative seminars for parents on healthy nutrition are among our services.
Children are our future and their consciousness and health will carry us forward. We should encourage them to avoid eating ready-made/fast food and instead make healthy choices as much as possible. Eating behaviors of individuals become a pattern at early ages.
TAA Preschool and Private Ankara Endomer Endocrinology Center has made an agreement on corporate nutrition consultancy for “OUR FUTURE.”
In accordance with this agreement, a nutrition counseling will be provided to all Turkish-American Association GOP Preschool by nutritionist Deniz BUYUKTASLI.

As the TAA Preschool and Endomer Family, we would like to wish you and your family a healthy future...

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