Art Workshop

A mixture of a studio and a laboratory, the Art Workshop is an area full of art material. Weekly activities and the material to be used are planned and prepared beforehand by expert trainers. Children learn to express themselves and their feelings with new means such as clay, painting, collage, drawing, mud, marbling and sculpture.
This workshop contains a variety of art materials consisting of various paints, paper in different colors and types, paste and clay. The pictures, statues and other works produced by the children using different techniques from different fields of art constitute the basis of this workshop. Through the work produced in the Art Workshop, children learn to express themselves in different ways and find the opportunity to freely express themselves, others, the future and their feelings about the world.

Art is the best way through which individuals can express their feelings. Training in art equip children with skills such as thinking, creativity, dreaming, problem solving, hand-mind and eye coordination, and relationship between proportions and thus assists their mental, emotional and physical skills. The aim of art training is to develop characteristics such as being an individual in a society, socializing, thinking, comprehending, overcoming difficulties and producing rather than training artists. Many activities such as painting, cutting, pasting and kneading are among the art activities conducted in these workshops. Using different material in the art workshop is of utmost importance in order to produce an atmosphere for the creativity of the learner and to improve the concept of three dimensions.