Our Objective

In accordance with the experience we have gained since 1951, our preschool program is based on creating an educational environment in which our children discover their own skills through a program that enables to offer timely observation and evaluation through a rich variety of materials that encourages the free choice of children according to their interests and creativity. We want TAD Preschool graduates to be:

  • Equipped with the 21st-century skills,
  • Respectful towards others as well themselves,
  • Sensitive to people, nature and the environment,
  • Self-confident,
  • A questioner and a researcher,
  • Aware of and defendant of their rights,
  • Self-expressive of their own opinions,
  • Aware of their own leadership abilities,
  • Fluent communicator in English,
  • Smiling,
  • Fond of art and artists,
  • Thanking and apologizing,
  • Fond of sports,
  • Playing at least one musical instrument,
  • Academically equipped,
  • Able to know what he/she wants and can make the necessary planning to achieve what he/she wants